The gardens feature a pleasing field of well-kept grass with majestic cane palms and well-trimmed Duranta hedges at the periphery. In addition, the gardens feature a variety of beautiful flowers which are labeled. The gardens are accessed through a splendid walkway lined by well-manicured hedges. The main garden can accommodate 800 plus guests. There are two smaller gardens suitable for smaller functions of up to 100 people


Phidam Palm Gardens resort features six (6) rooms that include standard rooms (3), Suites (2) and Bridal Cottage (round house). The suites and cottage have a separate sitting room and suite 1 has a kitchenette in addition. All rooms are equipped with a flat-screen TV and private bathroom, etc. For your comfort, you will find free toiletries

Meeting Rooms

The meeting rooms offer 42 metres squared (m2) and 45 metres squared (m2) of space with large aluminum windows for ample aeration. Each meeting room can accommodate a function with a seating capacity for 50 people or cathedral seating style for about 80 patrons. These rooms will soon be equipped with all facilities required for a meeting. In  between meetings, one could use our garden pathways for healthy stretch breaks. We will offer locally inspired menus to suit formal meetings. The meeting rooms have washrooms in their vicinity. Other amenities will include projection equipment and tea/coffee making facilities

Restaurant & Bar

Restaurant: The restaurant with classic lights, can sit up to 45 Patorns at a time, and offers a variety of modern and delicious meals with carefully chosen ingredients to tantalize your taste buds. The ambience is clean, stylish, contemporary and uncluttered. There is provision for watching TV and free Internet

Bar: There is a bar with assorted drinks including soft drinks, beers, all types of wines and spirits

Barbeque Corner

Roofed with a tarp cover that provides a shade on sunny days, protection against rain and allows plenty of ventilation ,  antique furniture and grill with Barbecue (BBQ) style cuisine. The corner will be preparing open fire and oven meat roasts (BBQ Concept): beef, chicken, pork, etc. It can sit up to 40 people at a time. There is also free Internet and TV screen for football lovers to enjoy the game as they feast on roasts.

Kids Play Area

Phidam Palm Garden has a tailored kids’ play area that provides opportunity to kids  to interact with each other and have fun in a safe environment which is secured by a Durant hedge all-round the play area. The play area has a variety of our door kids’ play equipment including bouncing castle and trampoline, tec. In addition, special rest rooms are in place and close to the play area. Booklets will also be available to kids to read.

Gift Shop

There is a gift shop at the gardens. Do not worry if you come to the event without a gift. You can pick one from our Gift Shop. We also  plan to  sell airtime and related services  from this shop. The shop also plans to see seedlings for various plants and flowers


We have ample parking at the venue. For major events, we have three-layered parking amounting to about 1.2 acres. In addition, we have smaller parking space for  use when we do not have a major event. This can accommodate up to 25 cars

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